Design Consulting

  • Product evaluation

The most important step for a business is to fully evaluate business ideas to see if there is the potential to be a successful product. Sha Design helps clients who have little or no experience develop their own product ideas. We perform research and initial evaluation for your business, and offer suggestions to make informed decisions. We also connect you to the right professionals to pursue your goal.

  • Patent filing

Your brilliant / billion dollar ideas should be protected. Sha Design performs a patent search for you, helps you to file your patent and to protect your ideas. We will even share exclusive tips for you to file your good ideas.

  • Idea development

Don't overlook your small or vague ideas. They may lead to something greater than you imagined. Sha Design helps you foster your ideas and push them even further. We do research to expand the spectrum of your idea and provide possible directions for you and your target market to evaluate. We also offer sketches, renderings, and mock ups to visualize your ideas.

  • Model making

If a picture is worth a thousand words, a physical model is definitely worth more than a million. Sha Design has its own shop with the kinds of tools and equipment needed to model your product. We choose the most suitable materials to make good quality models for our clients. You can have a much better sense of how the products may look and be used when you have a life-size model made.

  • 3D model rendering

To see is to believe, and now your customers can see your product before it is manufactured. Sha Design uses Solidworks, Rhino, and Alias to create CAD models for clients. We provide clients photorealistic renderings with lots of fine details. These CAD drawings are great for marketing materials and for capturing more accurate customer responses before proceeding to manufacture.

  • Manufacturing

The last mile can seem like it's in a foreign land, but a guide is all you need to get through. Sha Design can use the benefit of having good relationships with manufacturers in Asia, the knowledge of Asian culture, as well as trilingual language advantages that provides not only English speakers but also Chinese and Japanese speaking clients a convenient and economic way to manufacture products in Asia.

Besides Design Consulting

We offer a wide range of additional services, such as

  • graphic design
  • web and app design
  • photography
  • etc.

    to satisfy your needs as a package.


SHA Design is developing our own award-winning product set to be ready to manufacture our patent pending products in 2015. While we are producing all of our 9 piece product set, we continue to look for more design/ business opportunities to make our own product lines.

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